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Written and illustrated by Heidi Connolly in collaboration with Randy Connolly
(3-14-1953 to 9-5-2012)
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Crossing the Rubicon:
Love Poems Past the Point of No Return
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Soon to be released in audiobook format
Narration and improvisational flute music by Heidi Connolly with an invitation to hear Randy's final words in his unique language, which he called "the language of the emotions" or "the language of source," as he passed over.
Link here to a 5-minute sample of the Prologue and "Wishing," two poems of love and loss.
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"I recommend Crossing the Rubicon for those in grief who have lost a loved one. After death communications, which are now recognized as common and universal experiences, come in many varieties. The message, however, is the same: I am okay, I am still here, and I still love you. Heidi's book is a beautiful example of these fundamental principles." - Dr. Allan Botkin, author of After Death Communication

"This book will inspire many bereaved individuals." 
- Terri Daniel, author of A Swan in Heaven: Conversations Between Two Worlds and Embracing Death: A New Look at Grief, Gratitude, and God;
founder of the Afterlife Conference

"Thank you very much for sharing with me this very special, incredible, work. I felt as if I'd been granted special access to a unique and very private part of two people's lives. I hope this book will touch many souls." - Dr. Piero Calvi-Parisetti, scientist, author, grief counselor

Crossing the Rubicon: Love Poems Past the Point of No Return

(read the prologue)

“When my dead husband woke me up from a deep sleep one night at 3 a.m. and said, ‘Get out your notebook and a pen and start writing,’ I had no choice but to listen. The result—a book of downloaded poetry and the knowledge that those who pass on are doing everything they can to communicate with those of us who have been ‘left behind’—is something I could never have foreseen. It is this staggering realization that has guided me along the path to healing in an infinitely less destructive and, in fact, brilliantly life-affirming way.”

The verses in Crossing the Rubicon represent the “new language” Randy Connolly promised to share with Heidi, and reach directly into the reader’s heart and soul. And yet it is Heidi Connolly’s starkly honest story of loss and renewal through her acquired ability to converse with Randy and others on the other side of the veil that makes this book so utterly spellbinding.

While Crossing the Rubicon addresses the deep grieving that comes from losing the love of one’s life, it also celebrates the profound joy of connectedness, truth, and the energetic frequency of love as expressed in verse. Anyone who has ever lost a loved one will find their own feelings articulated and experience the freedom of release that brings peace.

The verses take the form of an ongoing conversation between two lovers, one who has crossed over and one who has remained behind in human form, and the author’s story of how she came to understand her new “abilities” through the death of her husband adds a level of depth and power to the raw integrity of the poems themselves. Though this book may be viewed as a direct confrontation with death, it is surely one that holds within it the seeds of new life.

The idiom “crossing the Rubicon” means to pass a point of no return. It refers to the event in 49 BC when Julius Caesar led his army across the Rubicon River, even though he knew this act meant they might never be able to go home again. In this work, Heidi Connolly offers each of us a way to cross the threshold of our own personal to the shores of a new way of living.


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"Crossing the Rubicon is the sacred song of a broken heart." - J.T. Sines, MA transpersonal psychology

"When I heard you read, I couldn't stop the tears." - South Coast Writers Conference participant at the book's first reading on Valentine's Day, 2014

Those who have experienced the deep loss of a loved one will find their feelings expressed in this honest look at love, loss, and death and the inextricable link among them." - Tony Prewit, author of the six-book series Journey in the Mind's Eye of a Poet

"Heidi interprests and communicates these complex insights, emotions, and conclusions with a simple, straight-forward brilliance that few people have the ability to convey in writing. This book is 'perfection personified.'" - Greta Medlin, award-winning journalist

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"Bravo! This book will challenge and invite you to stay true to the purest desire of your heart, to not disocunt the part of you that knows what it can have, and to recognize just how much you can create and dance in life!"

- Tama Kieves, best-selling author of This Time I Dance!

Linda Fairchild, Owner of Fairchild Gallery, San Francisco, CA says, "I am obsessed with this book!!
This could be another Shakti Gawain kind of jewel...It's the BEST 'no negativity' tool around.”

"This book came at the perfect time in my was everything I needed to hear to start believing again. Thank you, Heidi and Randy, for all your help. I'm sharing this wonderful book with all my single friends."

J.A., Taos, New Mexico, 2008

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